Explosive Litvinenko Report Published


Well, maybe not that explosive. I mean, I don’t think anyone had any doubt at all who was behind the intricately planned assassination of Russian Spy-turned-MI6 Agent Alexander Litvinenko in London in 2006. Obviously – surely? – it was Russia!

But it’s interesting to watch the fallout (excuse the unintended pun) of this report as the details spread across the media this morning. Litvinenko’s wife has stated that it would be “craven” for David Cameron to “do nothing” in response to Sir Robert Owen’s findings that Vladimir Putin was “probably” the one to order the hit.

Am I alone in thinking that the furore around this report has come at the perfect time for Cameron and many others? Could it be that the media are making out that the (rather obvious) accusations in this report are HUGE NEWS (they’re big news, but nothing unexpected, I’d argue) in order to bolster the case for a renewal of Trident? I mean, call me cynical but wouldn’t being – once more – nose to nose with Russia, relationship strained and creaking,  be a wonderful plus the case for keeping our nuclear deterrent? Could it be that this is being made HUGE NEWS because it’ll help the Trident-lovers’ case?

The BBC News Channel has even gone so far as to say that Litvinenko’s murder was a case of “mini nuclear terrorism, sponsored or ordered by the Russian State, perpetrated on the streets of London” and have suggested that, further to making strong statements in condemnation of these findings, that the government “go nuclear” (The BBC actually used that phrase!) and impose travel bans and sanctioned on significant Russian individuals, including Putin.

Whatever the outcome, whatever the story, there’s one thing we all must be wondering: How long do you think it’ll be before those involved with compiling this report start to turn up dead in car crashes, falls and suicides? Time will tell.

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