“I’m Still Alive!” Claims ‘Lord Lucan’

On the day we learn that a death certificate for Lord Lucan has been granted, a spanner has been thrown into the works by a man claiming to be the long-missing aristocrat. Lord Lucan disappeared in 1974 after his children’s nanny was found bludgeoned to death in the home of Lucan’s estranged wife. There have been many sightings of the man over the years.


However, it’s rare that someone should claim to actually be the missing Lord Lucan, as has happened today. Police and medical specialists are hoping to get DNA verification of identity from the man as soon as possible. So far, he has been uncooperative, giving only a photograph of himself looking quite well for what would now be an 81-year-old man.

Some more cynical commentators were quick to put their scepticism on record, however. One woman, who asked to remain anonymous, told us that “the photo of this guy claiming to be Lucan looks a lot like UKIP Leader Nigel Farage with a moustache,” adding “I wouldn’t be at all surprised to learn that this is just the latest desperate attempt to grab a few column inches by Mr Farage, who has proven himself more than willing to dive to any depths – however ridiculous or outlandish – in order to cling on to the last remnants of his ever-decreasing relevance.”


We contacted Mr Farage’s office for comment but he was unavailable. “He’s out, working on his latest project”, a spokesperson told us, “and may be missing for some time.” It is fair to say that there is a shared visual resemblance, however. Time will tell whether this latest Lucan is the real deal or not, but the smart money is on yet another misidentification. As for whether this actually is Mr Farage seeking publicity at any cost, I shall leave that decision up to you.

The family of Lord Lucan and that of his children’s nanny were unavailable for comment.

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