Doing Things

As I’ve mentioned previously, it was my 30th birthday last Saturday. My wife Aimee and I booked the week following – this week – off work so we could spend some quality time together, relaxing and having fun. I know it’s only Wednesday but I’ve an urge to write about my week. Sorry it’s just a list of things I’ve done, I wanted to get it all down. Here goes!

I woke on Saturday morning with a massive grin on my face. I was 30; that’s the age I’ve always wanted to be! Aimee had put some banners up in our back bedroom, where my gifts from her and others had been hidden, and that’s where we spent the first hour of the day. I was so lucky with the gifts I got: A 30 inch Smart TV for the bedroom from Aimee, along with a massive “Book Map” print and plenty more, including the web address! I’m more than aware of how lucky I am. Among presents from others were a 10 inch Mini Schnauzer statue, a set of false moustaches, a collection of political books, an antique illustrated copy of Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland (from 1937) and tickets to see Richard Herring in April.

That night me, Aimee and our friends went to Cardiff Castle to their “Underground Cinema” event (hosted in the very room we were married in!) where they were showing The Shawshank Redemption. Even though I’ve seen it loads of times before I had never seen it on the big screen. It was a wonderful experience and something I’ll never forget. I don’t remember the movie being so funny! That’s a funny film, in places! An all-round masterpiece.

Then, on the Sunday, my Mam cooked a roast dinner and we spent the afternoon snacking, chatting and generally having a good time. It was lovely. Then Monday was spent walking the barrage with our pooch Digby and our mates. We had a great stroll, did a bit of Geocaching and had dinner at World Of Boats. Tuesday was spent playing boardgames at Simon’s house, where he cooked a spectacular chicken casserole. Today we went to walk the dog on Cowbridge Common but ended up on Aberthaw Beach instead.

Tomorrow we’re going to Cardiff for lunch and something to drink, again with my parents. Some food, some beers, some live music, then home for a coffee. I’m really looking forward to it. It’s my Mam’s birthday this Saturday (she’s going to be 30 too, she wanted me to tell you) so we’re making tomorrow a sort of joint celebration (it was my parents’ wedding anniversary on the 22nd too, so lots to celebrate!).

All in all, I’m having (almost ‘had’! Oh No!) an amazing, memorable and family-and-friends-oriented birthday week off. Soon, when the realisation that I’ve got to go back to work hits, I’ll think over all the things I’ve done, the little things, and smile. My 30th birthday has been amazing. I’m a lucky man.

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