♬ Altogether Now! ♬


Today was my mother’s birthday. She was 39 again. And in celebration of the occasion the whole family got together for a drink at hers. It’s rare that my mother gets all four of her children together – my elder brother lives in Bristol, my younger brother and my sister have families of their own, so getting everyone in one room at the same time gets tricky. But today it happened.

There was me and my wife Aimee; my big brother John and his partner, Greta; my big sister Helen and my nephews Jared, Ashton and Rohan; my little brother Stuart, his partner Sarah and my niece Grace; my mam Ann and my dad John, plus our puppy, Digby. We ate, drank, laughed and cried. We took the time to share old memories and make new ones. I think it’s fair to say we all had a great day.

Obviously we took the opportunity to get a family photo, even though it’s not the best one of some of us. Now my mother has something to put in the “Family” photo frame she got from us a while ago (2+ years ago), which has sat empty just waiting for this kind of snap. And, to be honest, we should all get together more often. It’s just tricky, because we’re all doing our own things.

But, as today proves, it’s not impossible. It’ll happen again soon, that’s for sure! We’re already plotting a family road trip to Bristol for the next boozy weekend. Happy Birthday to Ann, my mother. I know she had a wonderful day, as did we all! Here’s to more of the same.

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