House Of Cards Returns

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Last week saw the return of Netflix’s House Of Cards. The fourth season of what could be the best political thriller in a decade opens in style, with scheming murderer Frank Underwood hitting the campaign trail in a bid to keep a stranglehold on his presidency.

Many thought the third season of the hit show was lacking in drama. The truth is the drama was there, but it was a more personal drama – less murderous double-dealing, more matrimonial difficulties. Season four hits the ground running with everyone’s favourite bastard back on sickening, duplicitous form.

I’m only a few episodes in but I know people who have ploughed through the entire season in one (or a few) sitting(s), thanks to Netflix’s tradition of season-dumping. What would we do if we weren’t given the whole thing in one chunk? Would we be able to wait a whole week for another episode? I don’t think this series would work like that.

So, come on! Get over to Netflix and watch it! If you sign up for the one month free trial you’ll have just enough time to get caught up on all four seasons of this spectacular show!

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