I Can’t Get Enough Of ‘The Parapod’


It takes roughly an hour to get from my house to work each day. I used to plug that time listening to Richard Herring’s brilliant podcast. It recently went on a break after its 100th episode so I had to find something else to fill my ears with on the commute. So, thanks to the sensational interview with Ray Peacock in RHLSTP episode #98, Ray’s own podcast The Parapod was brought to my attention.

Okay, it’s co-presented by fellow comedian Barry Dodds; it’s not ALL Ray’s (though he does own the original recordings; I wonder if he ever made those copies Barry wanted?). The Parapod is a podcast where believer Barry debates the paranormal with sceptic Ray. The result is hysterical. I’m not sure I’ve ever laughed as hard as I have to this gem of a show.

No punches are pulled as Peacock gently and sensitively persuades Barry that there are no such thing as X or Y. Who’s right? Well, Barry often puts up some unarguably solid evidence for the existence of all things spooky, from monsters to memes, but Ray is always ready with some fun facts to counter this. It’s basically two blokes bickering about ghosts.

Series one concerns itself mostly with tales of hauntings – I listened to the whole lot in one (long) sitting. Series two deals with a different mystery each week, from the Loch Ness Monster to Slender Man (no, really). Plus, there’s often a ‘ritual’ for you to try at home (IF YOU DARE!).

So get yourself over to iTunes and get listening! And once you do, check out the Parapod website to see the actual photographs and videos of actual ghosts and monsters given as evidence during the show by Barry. While you’re there, why not throw them a couple of quid so they can keep making us laugh until we’re ejected from the bus for disturbing other passengers. You won’t regret it.

The Parapod is made by Ray Peacock and Barry Dodds; logo above used with permission. Follow The Parapod on Twitter @theparapod, using #TeamPeacock or #TeamDodds. 

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