Month: April 2016



As if our heartless, evil government couldn’t get any more sickening, tonight the Conservative party successfully blocked a motion to allow 3000 vulnerable, unaccompanied child refugees a safe place within the UK. Yes, they voted AGAINST helping 3000 vulnerable children. MPs voted against the proposals 294 to 276. An amendment to the Immigration Bill seeking to give shelter to these children originated within the House of Lords when Labour peer Alf Dubs – a beneficiary of the  Kindertransport – and was voted on earlier tonight in the Commons. It shouldn’t, but it comes as a surprise to me that our Government cares so little for the futures of others.

And these kids are now in danger of being returned to the hellish places they originated from. Just think, what would it take for you to put your child into the arms of strangers in the hope of them escaping the brutal realities of Daesh and the sustained bombing campaign waged against them? How bad must things be for you to send your child away alone? That’s what these kids face being returned to, all thanks to the Conservative Party.

If you voted Conservative in last year’s General Election, shame on you. For many things but particularly for this, shame on you. You are the reason our Doctors are having to fight for the right to safely care for society, against a Health Secretary who thinks he knows best by imposing a dangerous contract despite having NO medical qualification at all. You are the reason headteachers, teachers, school governors, parents and others are preparing to take action against the forced academisation of all schools. You are the reason the poorest and most vulnerable in society, the sick and disabled in particular, are being punished by a Cabinet entirely detached from the stark struggles of real life. And you are the reason that some of these 3000 vulnerable children, frightened and alone but better than dead at home, could die without ever seeing their families again. I hope you’re proud of yourself.

Their blood will be on your hands and on the hands of the Conservative MPs who voted against doing the naturally decent and automatically human thing: helping children who need help. And they voted against doing this for purely ideological reasons. The Tories are undeniably the most dangerous threat to democracy and decency. I fear we are veering apathetically into a societal closed state; a selfish, cruel, paranoid, greedy period of shameful, unforgivable inhumanity. It makes me want to weep.

If you think this unbelievably cruel decision is simply not on, as I do – and as any decent human would, surely?  – then please take a moment to contact your MP and tell them just how ashamed you are of the actions of this Government. We cannot let them get away with this! (You can also show just how unwanted this Tory horde of villains are by voting against them in the upcoming local and assembly elections. I urge you to vote Labour, but of course I can’t force you to).

If ever proof was needed that our Conservative government are evil, tonight is it. I can’t remember ever being as ashamed of this shower of millionaire psychopaths as I am tonight. Fuck them.


The Doctor Has A New Companion

During the half-time break of the FA Cup Semi Final tonight, for some reason, the BBC announced the identity of the new Doctor Who Companion in this video:

Relatively unknown actress Pearl Mackie plays “Bill” – and that’s all we know for now. She appears to be from “the present day” and is probably from London. She asks a lot of questions, has a lot of energy and looks to be a lot of fun!

Pearl is best-known for her theatre work and is currently starring in the stage adaptation of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time. She’s also appeared on TV in the daytime soap “Doctors” and on film in John Hardwicke’s “Svengali” with Martin Freeman.

Now all we have to do is wait until the new series – Steven Moffat’s last -hits our screens. It’s unlikely to happen before Christmas as shooting only begins at the end of this month. But, when it does come back, I wonder what story we’ll get to introduce us to our new friend?! Will that be the Christmas special? Surely it must be?

Welcome aboard, Pearl Mackie!

2016 Can Do One!


2016 has been a bit of a shitty year for many reasons, not least because of the “celebrity death count” so far. Many legends big and small have left us and we’re less than half way through the year. Today we’ve had news that pop legend Prince has died, which is hitting people hard.

He joins a roster of talent already taken, including:

Rock superstar David Bowie, iconic actor Alan Rickman, veteran broadcaster Terry Wogan, Father Ted actor Frank Kelly, so-called Fifth Beatle George Martin, Coronation Street creator Tony Warren, magician Paul Daniels, US comedian Gary Shandling, musician Keith Emerson, actor Gareth Thomas, UK comedian Ronnie Corbett, Eagles guitarist Glenn Frey, ITV agony aunt Denise Robertson, music producer David Guest and comedian Victoria Wood among others. Some lived long lives, others absolutely did not.

Who else will we lose this year? What on Earth is happening?! RIP all.