Cameron Must Go Now


David Cameron and/or his direct family has now been linked to a total of SIX offshore funds used for tax avoidance purposes: two in Jersey (1979 & 1996), one in the Cayman Islands (2000), one in the Bahamas (2000), one in Panama (1982) and one in Geneva (2007), as documented in the Panama Papers.

Upon the (unexpected) publication of his tax returns yesterday, covering his time as PM, Cameron has landed himself right in the middle of another scandal. It appears his mother “gifted” him £200,000 (in two tax-exempt lumps) the year of his father’s death, meaning he dodged up to £80,000 in inheritance tax.

Add to this the fact that the offshore funds he was benefitting from were never entered in the Parliamentary Register of Members’ Financial Interests and you’ve got one hell of a political scandal.

Not declaring financial interests of this kind – especially when directly involved with reforming tax law that would positively effect your own offshore tax arrangements, resulting in financial gain – is a gigantic breach of Parliamentary Standards and a resigning issue in and of itself.

The revelation that, as recently as 2013, David Cameron personally intervened to prevent the UK being pulled into an EU-wide crackdown on offshore tax havens – the kind his family has been using for decades, so a clear conflict of interest, again undeclared – seems to be passing people by, but is absolutely and unforgivably true.

Take this breach of Parliamentary Standards and Cameron’s week of contradictory statements aimed at keeping the public from knowing about his tax dodging ways, and I’d say it’s more than reasonable for us to request his immediate resignation.

That he can stand in front of us and say he’s going to chair an international committee in the near future, in a push to clamp down on the very tax avoidance schemes he’s benefitted from, shows just how brazen this crooked chancer is. He thinks he’s untouchable, and he may indeed be.

Cameron has proven himself to be a liar and a hypocrite; he simply can’t be trusted any longer. If he doesn’t go of his own accord, we should ALL take to the streets and DEMAND it. Otherwise a dangerous precedent will have been set wherein immoral yet powerful people are entirely unaccountable to the people they serve.

David Cameron MUST go. He must do the honourable thing (for once) and resign as Prime Minister. His position is now untenable.


  1. OK, I’ll tell you this. My father once pondered- years ago, before he met Anabel, Aimee’s Mum- of putting our home in Leighton Buzzard into the joint names of myself and brother Carl. He would then have to live a further 7 years for this to work ok. All legal. Just playing the tax rules.

    In the event, he didn’t do this, being uncomfortable with the idea (he also actually said he thought I might throw him out of the property- I’d NEVER done that); he did live for more than 7 years from the time he mentioned it, and his estate didn’t attract inheritance tax upon his death (but that of our Gran – his mother – did. £40,000 was paid on that, in 2005. So the Lee family paid further tax, on that occasion – much to our Aunts’ anger. However, under the current Inheritance tax laws, her estate wouldn’t attract tax. So we would vote Tory because of this? Bollocks would we).

    We all have to remind ourselves that tax avoidance is a totally legal means of not being due to pay (extra) tax. A common UK example of this are ISAs (Individual Savings Accounts), which many people have (although the current rate of interest is appalling!)

    The only real way to change things is a thorough upheaval of the UK tax laws, including putting an end to, once and for all, off-shore tax havens. IT CAN BE DONE, despite a high tax official in a previous HMRC department of mine claiming it couldn’t… (I may still have a print out of this email conversation somewhere). It’s just that the UK government have no desire to do it properly and totally, despite what they are saying now.

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