A Final Word On The Referendum


In less than 24 hours polls will open and the UK will vote on its continued membership of the European Union. I have been incredibly vocal – online and “IRL” – about my passion for a Remain win. I can honestly say I see of no good reason whatsoever for a vote to Leave. I’ve read everything I possibly could about “Brexit” and what it could mean for this country and have made my mind up based on facts and figures (there are plenty out there, if you care to take a look!), something Leave supporters seem reluctant to bother with.

I would urge you, if you are still undecided, to vote Remain. Trust me, or one of the many other people who have read into this. And if you can’t do that, do what I did and spend an afternoon on Google looking for facts and figures, looking for expert analysis, looking for likely outcomes either way. And in doing so, I assure you, you will come to the same conclusion as me: Brexit would be suicide.

And I would urge you, if you are a committed Leave supporter, to ask yourself why  you are so. What is it that makes you so adamant to vote Leave? Then, research the issues around that. I would put money on it that, whatever your driving issue may be – immigration, the economy, security, etc, etc, etc – there would be expert opinion out there that will prove to you that you’d be making a terrible mistake. I’m sorry, but you’ve got it wrong. The facts are against almost every argument for Brexit.

Of course there are some out there who will vote Leave as a means of giving Cameron a bloody nose, or to stick it to the Germans, or to make a point about “the bloody foreigners” or whatever: For these people there is no hope. They are idiots, bigots or both. I just hope that enough of them are all bark and no bite. I hope that educated opinion and common decency triumph over small-minded prejudice and under-informed gesturing.

Leaving the EU would be a disaster. There are too many unknowns, not enough failsafes. If the Leave lot had a better plan post-Brexit, or any plan at all, I may be very well be classifying myself as “undecided” too. But they have NOTHING to offer at all. Only empty promises of a Great British Utopia, prosperity and happiness for all. Please, don’t fall for their nonsense. Vote Remain tomorrow.

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