Politics Is Poison

I don’t wish to plough into specifics here, as that can only lead to more of what I’m writing to complain about. I just wanted to say a little something about the state of our politics, as a country. The dishonest, misleading Leave campaign run in the lead-up to the EU Referendum has essentially been taken as a permit to lie, cheat and scheme in order to gain the best position in a failing House.

Don’t kid yourself that the referendum was about anything but a coup driven by those fighting an in-party war within the Conservative party. Don’t kid yourself that the resignations now happening in the Labour party is anything but a coup driven by those fighting an in-party war within Labour.

What you can be sure of, in these days in uncertainty, obfuscation and bare-faced lies, is that politics is poison. I have experienced first-hand bitter arguments between work colleagues, family members and the best of friends, all of whom have – to paraphrase the much-missed Jo Cox – “more in common than that which divides us”.

Nobody can say what will happen in Parliament anymore. There are no facts on offer. Just as the Leave campaign made grand gestures, promising change – but delivered nothing as they had no plan – so we see the same happening within Labour: resigning MPs demanding Corbyn is replaced as leader, while refusing to offer an alternative candidate.

But the next few weeks will be, frankly, unprecedented. As politicians on all sides prove to the electorate that they are not worthy of our respect, expect severe social division. Already we are descending into racially-driven violence. I am ashamed of my own MP, of our country as a whole and – worst of all – of myself for the hunger I still feel for politics as a hobby.

We deserve all that follows.


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