Catching Up

I apologise, I’ve taken one hell of a break. I feel bad because I haven’t looked at this blog, let alone written for it, since October (apart from that little post this morning) and that’s just not acceptable. Going forward I’m “back on it” (though our son is due any day now so don’t have a go at me if I break this promise due to lack of time) and I’ll be writing – as best I can – about cheerful things, rather than the bloody news or bloody politics.

I’ve got a couple of posts planned already. One is about comedian Ian Boldsworth’s new podcast The Mental Podcast, which he describes as an oversharing mental health podcast, and is an incredible and important piece of broadcasting. I’m also going to write about Christmas again, as much as changed in the last few years (this year, especially) and my previous post about Christmases Past could do with a sequel.

There’s also bound to be a dreamlike and exhausted blog about becoming a dad for the first time, but I can’t write that until I’ve become a dad for the first time. This will be fairly soon as we will definitely have a baby son by Christmas and I can’t wait for you to meet him. I can’t wait to meet him myself! So keep an eye out for that, too.

But until then, there’s this: It’s December now. It’s been a rubbish year for lots of reasons. And that’s why December’s posts are going to be happy ones, as full of joy and excitement as I can make them. I’d like you to join me in my sickening, saccharine quest by suggesting happy things for me to write about! You can reach me on Twitter (@gabundy) or by commenting below.

Let’s close the door on 2016, together and happy 🙂

One comment

  1. Great post! Looking forward to an end of 2016. Any Christmasy or holiday traditions, new or old, are fun to read about. I’ve been ignoring my blog also so maybe you’ll inspire me. Looking forward to seeing your new son. Hope he sleeps well, my daughter is still trying to catch up on her sleep with her 8 month old son.

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