It’s Been A While…

I know I’ve been neglecting you again but there has been a lot going on privately that has kept me from here (and a lot going on publicly  that I really didn’t want to write about). I’m trying to break the gloom and frustration of 2016 by writing cheerfully from now on. I’ve ignored this blog because there’s only been depressing stuff in the news for too long. The news will have to wait…

Now I’m back and I have lots to talk about, none of which I believe to be downer-inducing. Soon I’ll write about Christmas, about Ian Boldsworth’s new mental health podcast and about our son, who will be born by December 20th. All good stuff. Feel free to suggest topics, too! You know how to reach me.

Also, I may end up posting shorter, more diary-style pieces going forward, mixed among my “articles” and “hot takes”. Let’s cheer up for the end 2016! Let’s broaden our scope and see beyond the grey clouds of political misery. Stay tuned for a broader, more varied look at life.

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