So, This Is Christmas…


Christmas with a new baby is an unusual beast. He kept us awake on Christmas Eve, refusing to settle – despite us employing every trick in the book – until around 3:30am. We opened our gifts to each other at midnight to “save time in the morning” and I’m glad we did because the morning was one mad rush to get everything packed, to visit my parents, to head to my mother-in-law’s for dinner, to make sure we remembered everything we needed for the baby, everyone’s presents, spare bowls, last-minute home-made desserts, etc. But it worked out okay.

This Christmas has been a wonderful one. It’s been quite relaxing, not heavy on booze at all, a pretty quiet, but no less lovely, affair. To be honest I’ve spent most of it just looking at our son, not quite being able to believe he’s really here. Oh, yes. I forgot to say: our son has been born. Incredibly, he turned up bang on his due date and, hours of discomfort aside, the labour proper lasted all of two hours. I’m so proud of my wife, she handled it like a pro. I know it’s not the said thing, but she made having a baby look easy! And I’m so proud of our son, too. We named him Keir William Bundy.

So now we have to look after him, to make sure he’s cared for and happy. We have to do our best to give him all he needs and much of what he wants. We’ve already promised him the best Christmases ever in the future. I’m sure this isn’t the last time you’ll see me talk about him on this blog but you’re just going to have to deal with that. I’ve turned into one of those boring social media dads who relate everything they see back to the experience of Being A Father. But that’s parenthood in the 21st Century – that’s life! And It’s A Wonderful Life!

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