Month: January 2017

Capaldi’s Out. Who’s in?


News has broken that the next series of Doctor Who will be Peter Capaldi’s last. The series begins on 15th April 2017 and Capaldi will be leaving at Christmas 2017. The internet (or a corner of it, anyway) has gone into meltdown already, speculating on who will be next to take on the iconic role. This next series of Doctor Who will also be Steven Moffat’s last as showrunner, drawing the curtain on a rather divisive run at the helm. New showrunner Chris Chibnall will take over duties from 2018, it is believed.

The news of Capaldi’s departure doesn’t really come as a surprise to anyone following goings on behind the scenes; it was always assumed that Chibnall would be left a relatively clean slate, as Moffat was when Russell T Davies left the show in 2010. Whether new companion Bill Potts, played by Pearl Mackie, will be bridging the gap between Doctors is unknown. We haven’t even seen her in action on the show yet and have little idea of how much of a future the character will have.

I’ll end by asking you something you’ve already asked yourself – you know you have! – and it’s this: Who do YOU want to be the Thirteenth Doctor? Comment below.


Star Wars 8 Has A Title

The long-awaited sequel to Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens finally has an official title. Rian Johnson’s offering to from the Star Wars saga will be called “The Last Jedi” and hits theatres in December. There is plenty of speculation happening online already about just who the title refers to. Is it Luke, or Rey, or maybe “Jedi” is actually plural and refers to both of the above. Maybe it’s neither and we’re in for a big surprise! All we need now is a teaser trailer for the film and we’ll be happy bunnies. What should we make of that red logo, too? That’s ominous, eh?


Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi is scheduled for release at midnight on 15th December 2017. I, however, will not be in line for that first showing. I’ll be missing it due to the 15th being my son’s first birthday. I also had to miss the UK midnight release of Rogue One – released on the same day last year – because he was being born. Still, how cool is it that the release of these movies happen to coincide with his own important dates?! Rogue One was also the first movie he “saw” in the cinema, aged just one month.

The Parapod Returns!


This week sees the return of my favourite podcast, The Parapod. In the first series, stand-up comedians Barry Dodds and Ian Boldsworth (then known as Ray Peacock) spent an hour a week bickering about ghosts and hauntings. In the second series, they spent their time discussing some of the world’s greatest mysteries. In this third series, the devilish duo will be mulling over some of the most baffling and outrageous conspiracy theories this artificially intelligent hologrammatic construct we call life has to offer.

Just exactly what they have in store for us is anyone’s guess at the moment, but I would be surprised not to hear about the 9/11 Truther movement, faked Moon landings and the age-old puzzle of the Hotdog Sausage/Finger Roll con (well, maybe not this one). What we do know is that we’re in for an even bigger treat than we first thought, as the trailer below hints at. We’ve been assured that this is not a trailer for the third series of the podcast, but for something extra! Is that… is that a return to 30 East Drive?! And on video?!

If the first two series of The Parapod somehow passed you by – along with the three special episodes they’ve released, as well as a load of Parapod Extras – then where have you been?! But worry not: you can catch up on all you’ve missed by downloading the Podcast in its entirety – FOR FREE – from iTunes or your podcast player of choice. You can also read further into Barry’s investigations on the official Parapod website, or follow the show on Twitter @theparapod.

I’ve laughed more at this podcast than at any other I’ve ever listened to. I’ve been given funny looks on the bus when I’ve been unable to catch my breath due to laughing so hard. Proper ugly, snorting laughter too. I’ve relistened to every existing episode in the run-up to this third series and I simply cannot wait to hear what else they’ve got for us. Thank you so much, Barry and Ian, for the amazing and hilarious podcasts you make and for the wonderful and interesting fanbase you’ve cultivated along the way. I salute you.