Welcome Along!


New Year, New Start! 2016 was filled with political misery and general unpleasantness, something I want to get away from in the year to come. Shaking the negativity entirely will be a difficult thing to do; I’ll still be blogging about important political events, news stories, etc. But I’ve felt there’s been something missing from this site in recent months, not least regular posts from me.

So I’m heading back into my old stomping ground and will be posting more reviews and opinion pieces, a few more personal blogs, stuff like that. I miss watching a show and putting my thoughts on it into an article that’s detailed and explanatory, rather than twenty tweets sucked dry of all nuance and intricacy.

I was happier as a blogger when I was writing about the latest episodes of this and that, or the last film I saw in the cinema. I would bet you were happier reading that sort of stuff , too, rather than my constant moaning about the government or whatever. So let’s lighten up a little in 2017 and see what the year as a whole has in store for us, above and beyond the crooked machinations of MPs and Newspaper Barons.

Ready for some fun? Let’s do this!

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