Writing Is Hard!


So, writing is hard, eh? I made myself a promise that I’d write more this year than I managed to last year. To be fair, it wasn’t all my fault. I can’t write on a tablet or phone – it just doesn’t feel right – and I stepped on my Chromebook around August time. We have a PC at home but I never really use it and, sadly, having nothing to write on was a good cover for me not just feeling it anymore. Plus, there was lots happening at home, what with babies on the way, building work being done, etc. So I just sort of dried up. I took to writing a kind of journal, by hand, but even then I would put it down and forget about it for weeks or even months on end.

But for Christmas this year Aimee and her Mum each chipped in to buy me a new Chromebook. This time I won’t stand on it. I promise. So now I have something to write on again. And there’s actually stuff to write about! I got sick to death of newsy, politicsy pessimism last year and as celebs died day on day I just couldn’t think of anything positive to write about. 2016 got under my skin and I just gave up. Now Doctor Who is coming back, Sherlock is back, the Parapod returns soon, Death In Paradise is back on in a bit… I can review things again! I liked reviewing things!

But it’s hard. It’s like I’ve not been walking for half a year and all the muscles in my legs have withered, so now I have to learn to walk properly again. Baby steps. Writing is like that. Baby steps. So I’ve reviewed Rogue One (briefly), I’ve got a review of Sherlock landing here in the morning (which was such an arse-ache to write, for me, that I was inspired to write this post) and I’ll be reviewing Doctor Who’s Christmas Special soon too. I’m getting back into it and I promise, this time, to keep it up. Hold me to it. Please?

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