The Parapod Is Up For Another Award!


Screenshot 2017-02-16 at 18.48.30.pngThe Parapod has been nominated once again for a Chortle Award in the category of Best Internet Comedy. It’s up against tough competition, with The Guilty Feminist, NextUp and the Adam Buxton podcast all making the shortlist. If the Parapod wasn’t on the list I would struggle to decide which of the others to give my vote to, but there’s no contest as things stand.


The Parapod deserves a win, especially since the third series of the show (which we’re already half-way through!!!) could very likely be the last. That means this is the last chance we have, as fans of the podcast, to assure The Parapod goes down in comedy history as “Chortle Award-winning”.


You can vote for The Parapod in Best Internet, as well as get all the details for contenders in other categories, by clicking HERE. Please, please take the time to vote for The Parapod and assure the show gets the recognition it so very much deserves.  If you love this show, and its hosts, as much as I do then it’s the very least you can do. Thanks.



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