May calls for “Snap General Election”


This morning PM Theresa May announced plans for a “snap general election” to take place on June 8th. The timing of this announcement is interesting. Could it have anything to do with imminent Crown Prosecution Service plans to charge 30+ individuals (pretty much all Tory MPs) with breach of Election Law (a serious crime) during the “Tory Election Fraud Scandal” following the 2015 General Election?

Or the fact that the Conservatives have NO plan of any substance – and no cooperation on any plan they do have – to deal with Brexit, the result of a gamble made by her predecessor David Cameron, who rolled the dice and lost the country’s future in an attempt to appease a far-right element within his own party and wider society?

Or the fact that public polling puts the Conservatives well ahead of the opposition and that lead can only dwindle as the disaster that is UK/EU Brexit negotiations unfolds in the coming months, even though the Fixed-Term Parliaments Act 2011 was introduced in part to stop governments calling an election to take advantage of favourable polling?

Maybe it’s to do with the fact that May feels like her position is illegitimate, having never been elected as PM, instead inheriting the position in an attritional leadership race (during which she simply hid herself away and let her opponents eat each other), and so needs an election to ease her own insecurities.

Whatever the reason, she has refused to partake in any kind of face-to-face campaigning, even shunning proposed leadership debates. It appears that, once again, May will hide away while the dirty work is done by others. Her party seems not to know what the plan is either. Over numerous interviews today, with many Tory MPs, there seemed to be very little cohesion in terms of why the election was called and what the plan is, going forward.

Conservative arrogance and hypocrisy knows no bounds, with May being on record as asserting that “now is not the time [for a second Scottish Independence Referendum]” as it would only be a distraction from the complex Brexit negotiations and would cause “unnecessary upheaval”. It seems that a full-blown general election in less than two months, however, is fine.

And remember, Theresa May has repeatedly and categorically ruled out the calling of a snap election. Forget everything else she and her party have lied about over the years, how can anyone take a word she says seriously after this mother of all rollbacks?!

Then there’s the Labour Party. Already I’ve seen people I know to be party members hoping openly that the Tories win this election, as it will “finally put an end to Corbyn”. If that’s not against the values and interests of the Labour Party then I don’t know what is. I wonder if there’ll be a wave of suspensions like during the leadership election of 2016? I’m not holding my breath.

This election could be one of the simplest to describe. Labour has nothing to lose. The Conservative Party is odds-on for a win. Corbyn will surely have to resign if Labour loses and the odds are against them. So it really does come down to basics: If you want another five years of Tory rule – of financial ruin, cuts upon cuts, the systematic dismantling of our NHS, anti-immigrant rhetoric leading to increased hate crime, etc – then vote Conservative. If you would do anything to avoid that, you must vote Labour. Hold your nose, like many have had to over the years, while you vote Labour if you must. But vote Labour.

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