Labour’s 2017 Manifesto Has Been Leaked, And It Is BRILLIANT!


Last night an entire late-draft of Labour’s 2017 General Election manifesto was leaked to various news outlets by persons unknown. While the details within it were not finalised, it seems that we can expect pretty much all that was leaked to appear in the final manifesto when it is published next week. Today, at a joint Shadow Cabinet/NEC “Clause V” meeting, the completed manifesto was unanimously agreed upon, with only minor “wording” changes made to the leaked draft.

So what’s in there? Well, below are the main points – grouped by topic – that are fully expected to appear in the document when its final draft is released. The following policies are fully costed, so don’t believe any news outlet or individual who tries to tell you that the Labour party is making promises they cannot keep.


  • Bring railways into public ownership when private franchises end
  • Freeze rail fares when railways are nationalised
  • End driver-only train services
  • Free Wifi on all rail services


  • £6 billion extra for NHS investment
  • Ringfence mental health budget
  • Scrap NHS workers’ pay cap
  • Protect EU NHS workers’ rights


  • Free school meals for all primary school children
  • Abolition of tuition fees and reintroduction of maintenance grants


  • 1 million new homes, including 100,000 council/housing association homes
  • Cap rents in line with inflation
  • 4,000 homes available for those sleeping rough


  • Create a nationalised energy company to compete with the Big Six
  • Bring energy grid and infrastructure network under government control


  • Retain close partnerships with the EU
  • Retain benefits of the single market customs unions
  • Guarantee existing rights of EU nationals in the UK
  • Secure reciprocal rights for UK nationals in EU countries
  • Bring an end to the “No Deal” options in Brexit negotiations

Jeremy Corbyn Launches The Labour Party's General Election Campaign


  • Make no “false promises” on immigration figures, accepting that migration is a net benefit to the UK economy
  • Create a “Migrant Impact  Fund” to support public services in host communities


  • Move towards creating a National Care Service
  • Invest £8 billion in services over the next parliament, with £1 billion spent in year 1
  • Improve care workers’ conditions
  • Scrap 15-minute care visit restrictions and increase carers’ allowance


  • Create a Ministry Of Labour to invest in enforcing workers’ right for all
  • Repeal the Tories’ Trades Union Act
  • Ban zero-hour contracts and unpaid internships
  • Bring the minimum wage in line with the living wage (£10 by 2020)
  • Double paternity leave period to 4 weeks and increase pay
  • Strengthen maternity leave protections
  • Create 4 new public holidays


  • Put in place a 20:1 limit on the gap between the highest and lowest paid employees in companies with government contracts
  • Reduce pay inequality through legislation


  • No income tax rises for anyone earning below £80,000 a year
  • Large corporations will pay “a little more” tax while remaining competitive, with monies raised going into the education and skills budget


  • Keep the triple-lock guarantee on pensions
  • Keep winter fuel allowance and free bus passes as universal benefits
  • Provide WASPI women with compensation


  • Scrap the “bedroom tax” and reinstate housing benefits for under-21s
  • Review Universal Credit cuts and 2 child Child Allowance restrictions


  • Borrow £250 billion over ten years to invest in energy, transport and digital infrastructure
  • Improve 4G mobile coverage country-wide and invest in 5G coverage rollout in urban areas and on motorway and rail routes


  • Lower the voting age to 16 to give young people a voice


  • Support the renewal of Trident
  • Keep defence spending at 2% of GDP


  • Employ 10,000 extra police officers for local beats
  • Major review of the controversial “Prevent” counter-terror program


While some media outlets will have you believe that the changes promised are left-wing lunacy, the truth is that this manifesto isn’t half as “radical” as it appears. The policies put forward are, according to almost every poll taken, very popular with the vast majority of the country. The Labour party manifesto is also fully-costed, remember, with reversal of corporation tax breaks paying for much of it. Full costing details will be released when the manifesto itself is officially launched. Until then, here’s a summary from Eoin Clarke on Twitter:


There has never been a manifesto so purely aimed at bettering the lives of the people of this country – and through fairly straightforward changes, too. The challenge now is to make sure that voters everywhere are aware of exactly what Labour are offering. It is our duty to make sure the word spreads.

When you compare the excellent policies of the Labour manifesto with the handful of policies released already by the Conservative party – bringing back fox hunting being the biggest one so far – I find it hard to believe how anyone could consider giving their vote to any other party but Labour. This is a manifesto for the people which promises to make things better for the many, not the few. I’ll be sharing links to the completed manifesto when it is published next week so you can read for yourselves how Labour plan to make all of our lives better over the next five years and beyond. But to do so they need us to vote Labour!

There has never been a clearer choice in an election in my lifetime: more cuts, privatisation of public services and tax breaks for the rich (with some animal cruelty thrown in for good measure) in a country run in the interests of the donors of the governing elite under the Tories, or a return to a country that is run in the interests of its people, with public services supported and the greed of big business curtailed with Labour. On June 8th there is only one thing to do: VOTE LABOUR!

Policy summary based on ITV News/BBC News articles

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