Going Analogue For October


What if, for one month, I just didn’t log into either Facebook or Twitter? What if, for a while month, I didn’t Tweet about my day, didn’t post photos on Facebook? What if, throughout October, the only “social media” I used was this blog? I wonder what that would do to my mind, to my body even! Would I go mad? Would I suddenly find myself sane? What kind of changes would I notice in my moods? What kind of changes would I notice in my social life? Wouldn’t it be interesting to see if I could do it, let alone whether it would have an impact? I thought so.

So, today I came up with a really stupid idea: I’ll just not use any form of social media for a whole month. I won’t Tweet or visit my Facebook. I won’t share interesting links or retweet stuff I agree with or disagree with. For a whole month, I’ll live my life as though I don’t have a Twitter account or a Facebook page. I’ll forego the temptation to let everyone know what I’m doing and concentrate instead on just doing it. I’ll have four weeks off.

I’ll keep track of my progress by writing about it here, on this blog. I might post links to the blogs I write on my Twitter and Facebook pages, but I’ll do so by sharing directly from WordPress. I won’t log in on any of my social media apps. I think it’ll be difficult, but I think it’ll be fun! I have a feeling it might put some things into perspective for me, following a bout of illness that has pretty much left me under self-imposed house arrest.

I hope I can stick to it. I urge you all to make me. If you see me online, tell me to disappear. Don’t let me sneak my way back in. Or how about this? Why not give it a go with me? Why not try to take a break from your own online life? The great thing about the internet is that the life you lead there will still be there when you come back – if you come back. It’s an experiment. And I’m determined to do my best with it. It may not mean anything, but it’ll be interesting nonetheless.

So, October 1st until October 31st: No Twitter, No Facebook. Let’s have a go.

One comment

  1. Why not logout and disconnect from any and all online accounts for a month? You can still document how you managed the 30-day period by using a pen and paper and then sharing it online only after the 30-day period has elapsed.

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