Unexpected Parapod Live

Last night we went to see Parapod hosts Barry Dodds and Ian Boldsworth do stand up comedy at the Nottingham Comedy Festival. It was touch and go whether we’d get there at all, due to illness and one of a hundred other things that could’ve seen us miss it. But, we went. And holy shit, am I glad we did.

We were all set to see the guys do 30 minutes each at the Lacehouse. Since Ian has all but packed in the stand up, we were eager to see him live before he stopped completely. Barry often gigs a long way away from us, but the pull of seeing both of them in one night was too much to pass up on. So we got there and out comes Ian, who does ten minutes and then…

Suddenly, Barry was on stage with his folder and the Parapod theme tune was playing and the crowd were going wild! From nowhere, a Live episode of the Parapod was unfolding in front of our eyes! Nobody expected it. Nobody thought it would ever happen. But it did.

I won’t go into detail about the show – it was recorded, but is unlikely to see a release due to… editorial concerns? It was very much a live experience. And afterwards Barry and Ian spent a good hour chatting with fans outside the venue. Barry even ended up taking a small group of fans to see the cursed ship in Nottingham’s most haunted pub. Alas, we had to drive back to Wales so couldn’t tag along, much to our disappointment.

It was one of the best experiences ever. For a few hours, all my worries – about health, and other things – were forgotten. I’m so grateful for the guys’ kindness and can’t remember ever laughing as much as I did in that room last night.

So now, of course, I’m relistening to first three series of The Parapod for the umpteenth time, and have never awaited the release of a film as eagerly as I do the Parapod Movie. Roll on 2018!

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