Month: January 2018



As most of you will know, I’ve been practising magic for a few years now. I’m not the best you’ll ever see – I still have an awful lot to learn – but I’m getting better week by week. I started off learning a few self-working card tricks, moved on after a while to learn the sleight of hand that allows me to perform more complex, more impressive effects, and now I’m a third of the way through an intensive home-learning card magic course.

I haven’t been very well for a long time, so I’ve had a fair chunk of time to devote to developing my skill. Lately, I’ve taken a keen interest in mentalism – Derren Brown-style mind reading – which has the benefit of being almost completely impromptu; you don’t need any fancy props or special gimmicks because many mentalism effects can be achieved with nothing but a pencil and paper. Sometimes not even that! The more I learn about the art of magic, the more I want to know. It’s a fascinating skill.

So, in the near future, I’m hoping to get some of my performances on video. When I have something I’m happy with I’ll post the video here. I won’t be revealing any secrets – if you’re that interested you’ll have to put the effort in like I did – but I will welcome your feedback! Stay tuned.


Head Space

weakness3 - Edited

Apologies for not posting on here in a while. I need to clear my head because life can be trying sometimes. I wish I could leave Facebook for good – it’s a horrible place – but I have photos and friends there that I would hate to lose. But I am limiting my output. I need to rest my brain before it snaps. So, I appreciate your patience and I’ll be back soon with another Star Wars post.