It’s Been A While – So, An Update!

27750939_549448172100633_5292117771731763641_n (1)

I’m sorry. I’ve been neglecting this blog lately. A lot has been happening, though that shouldn’t be an excuse. I’ve changed jobs (from one standard retail job to another), which has thrown me completely out of sync with my life as it was. I’m not really sure what day it is, yet. Plus, this snow is disorienting because nothing’s running as it should.

But the main thing I’ve done recently is take a step towards performing magic as a side-profession. It’s incredibly early days, but I’ve set myself up a Facebook page and hope to get some bookings before the year is out. Step one, as I’ve mentioned previously, needs to be getting videos of me performing magic and testimonials from the public.

If you’re looking for a magician and mind reader and live relatively close to me then why not give me a shot?! I’m getting pretty damn good! You can check out my fledgeling Facebook page by clicking here. I’d appreciate the support!

More on all this soon, but for now: Take care in the snow. x

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