Corbyn Is Statesmanlike

This from Jeremy Corbyn is a considered, adult and statesmanlike response to what could become a very serious issue indeed – the unfolding events around the use of a nerve agent on British streets…

However, BBC News just reported (of the Nerve Agent attack) “…this episode has started to reveal some of the existing cracks in the Labour Party: Jeremy Corbyn has once again suggested that Britain can’t be *sure* the Russian *State* is responsible. In a Guardian article he said ‘to rush ahead with the evidence being gathered by police, in a fevered parliamentary atmosphere, serves neither justice nor our national security’, but that’s drawn an angry response from some Labour backbenchers.” Then they showed Stephen Kinnock saying that Labour should back the government in blaming the Russians, which means backing Boris Johnson’s dangerous remarks this morning and Gavin Williamson’s ridiculous remarks previously. We now live in a culture where a politician recommending a measured, evidence-based response to a growing foreign/national security issue – rather than a knee-jerk rush to conflict – is considered a treasonous opinion.

I give up. Nuke us now, put us all out of our misery!

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