After a year away, everyone’s favourite show about murderous sex robot cowboys is back for a second season; and, boy! is it back! Fair warning: I’ll be talking about where we are after series one’s ground-shaking finale. If you aren’t caught up (I won’t be going into the first two episodes of season two in this post, don’t worry. That’ll come another day) then I suggest you leave immediately and do all you can to watch and understand season one in its entirety.

We left the park in complete upheaval. Ford is dead, killed by his own narrative hand. Maeve is free and, more importantly, making decisions; she’s off to find her daughter (who may or may not exist), ignoring her programmed objective to “infiltrate mainland”. Bernard (who used to be Arnold) is a Host. William is the Man In Black, who now gets what he’s always sought: a park that fights back. Hale seems to have misplaced the Host that contains all the data she’s been tasked with smuggling out of the park… are you keeping up? Do you remember all this? Maybe it’ll do us all good to go back and check out season one again. I mean, it’s one of the best seasons of television I’ve ever seen so why the hell not?!

But where from here? Well, talk is that “season one is a kind of prequel. Westworld begins now”; we’ve been promised continued chaos and a deeper understanding of not just what Westworld is but why Westworld is. Theories abound as to what on earth could possibly happen now (surely the park’s existence is over – there’s no coming back from this). I’ve got a few ideas (some that are strengthened by the fact that we’re 20% of the way through the second season already!!!) but there’s something more pressing on my mind:

Westworld the show, like the Hosts themselves, is more alive when in conversation. All I want to do is talk about this show. So where is everyone?! I’ve bleated constantly for two weeks on Twitter looking for someone to talk about this show with; looking to find someone to share ideas and swap theories with. If you’re a fan, please – PLEASE – get in touch: I’m @gabundy on Twitter and I’m MORE THAN HAPPY to talk unprecedented amounts of nonsense about this amazing, frustrating, baffling show.

We’re in for a treat. We’re going into a show with zero promises made and unlimited possibilities. I expect a prescient and powerful season of thrills. From here, anything goes. I can’t wait to find out what happens next.

Here’s my favourite trailer for season two:


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