The ParaPod Live 2 and A Promise


Last November, Ian and Barry from The ParaPod were scheduled to perform a shared set of stand up at Nottingham Comedy Festival. It promptly turned into a live episode of my favourite ever podcast. This year, they’re doing it all again! We’ve just booked tickets to the hottest comedy event this side of Pluckley; The ParaPod Live 2 sold out in less than two hours. I can’t wait to hear what nonsense Barry has for us this time!

Meanwhile, I feel guilty about not having written much recently. So how about this? I’ll post a review of Infinity War after I’ve seen it this coming Sunday, then I’ll put up a bit of wild speculation about Westworld next week. Then I’ll commit to posting something – on whatever topic seems appropriate – every Friday without fail. You’ll get a weekly post from me, at least, with more if the mood takes me. That’s my promise; hold me to it.

And enjoy the rest of your day.

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