A Westworld Theory Or Two…


If you’re a fan of Westworld then I have a theory to run past you. If you’re not up to date with seasons one and two already, please go and catch up before reading this. Here goes:

In season one we saw Bernard choking Elsie when she discovered the abandoned comms station with the secret diagnostics system running. We assume she is dead. But I don’t believe she is. For one, we never see her body. This show is one that makes the explicit truth explicit and leaves the rest up for question until it is made explicit. So, here’s what I believe is going on:

Elsie isn’t dead. Somehow she survived Bernard’s attack and used the diagnostics system to recode the older, less-sophisticated hosts – the terrifying Ghost Nation – to protect humans at all costs. This is evidenced by the fact that shortly after Elsie’s disappearance, when Stubbs went out looking for her, he was surrounded by Ghost Nation and we were again led to believe he was a dead man. But season two shows us that this was not the case! Stubbs is back, apparently unharmed, and working with the Delos security team to contain the rebellion and locate The Passenger, Peter Abernathy.

This is also evidenced by the fact that, when Ghost Nation came across Maeve, Hector and Lee Sizemore in the last episode, they offered to let Maeve and Hector go free as long as they handed over Sizemore – the only human among their number. Now we see the woman from The Raj washed up on the beach, surrounded by Ghost Nation and we’re supposed to think “she’d dead meat”. Of course, she won’t be. She’s someone special because she had a map of Westworld, hand-drawn in her notebook; we saw it when she was sipping tea and smoking on the lawn.

My theory is this: Elsie discovers Ford’s plans to trigger a Host uprising and, knowing that lives will be lost, she does all she can to protect the humans in the park. She re-codes the Ghost Nation Hosts to protect humans and act as a protective buffer between the rampaging Hosts and the terrified humans. Stubbs is on-board, working with her. The woman from The Raj (who is listed online as being named Grace, but I’m not convinced that she isn’t William’s daughter Emily – she’s the right age and clearly has a detailed knowledge of Westworld – she has a hand-drawn map with exits, boundaries and elevators marked on it) will likely also join forces with Elsie and Stubbs.

Also, don’t ask me why just yet, but I believe there’s a chance that Bernard is actually Teddy-In-A-Bernard-Suit and that Charlotte Hale may very well be a Host herself. I’ll theorise more about this in weeks to come – unless it’s proven right or wrong in the meantime.

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