I’m not used to starting work before the sun comes up. In my last job I was on 12pm-4pm, Monday to Friday. Despite being one of Europe’s largest clothing retailers, they rarely gave full-time jobs. Now I have a new job. Still retail, but nicer. Friendlier. More supportive, less exploitative and with far greater prospects for development and progression. Indeed, I’ve already received a promotion in the six months I’ve been there. However, there is a drawback to earning a bit more for a little more work: I have to start work at 6am most days.

The last time I started so early was over ten years ago. I’m simply not used to getting up so early (for work – I have an infant son, so waking early isn’t a new thing. It’s the working early that’s the problem). I’m a night owl; I’m rarely asleep before midnight. But lately, I’ve been heading to bed by 9pm and nodding off to old episodes of The X Files. It’s been tough, but most people do this every day so I have no grounds to complain, really.

I can’t wait for the morning when I get up, feel refreshed and then go to bed at a reasonable hour in the evening. I can’t wait to become acclimatised to the early starts. Tomorrow I have a lie in – I’m not starting until 7am. Luxury! And yes, that’s all I have to say. I’m sorry I’ve not written here in a while. I’ll do my best to do better.

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