The Pandemic Continues…

I wish I’d bothered to keep a lockdown journal. I wish I’d documented the ins and outs of this pandemic. We are living through a moment of history here. Our kids and grandkids will learn about 2020 in school.

But I haven’t. So what is there to say? I will sit down one day and get my thoughts out in full. As things stand, neither my physical nor mental health is robust enough for me to put myself through that.

I haven’t had Covid-19 (to my knowledge) though I wouldn’t be surprised to find out I actually have… I luckily haven’t lost anyone to it either. I hope I can say the same when it is all over.

Hey, who knows what life will be after this™ blows over? Who knows if it ever really will? Stay tuned for more, I guess… In another three months if the last gap is anything to go by. Apologies for that.

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