I’m a big MCU guy. I enjoy the movies and while I haven’t lost myself completely in the TV offerings I have enjoyed what I’ve seen. However, the latest project to hit the small screen – WandaVision – is superb.

Focusing, as the name may suggest, on the characters of Wanna “Scarlett Witch” Maximoff and the Vision, the show is unlike anything we’ve seen before from the people behind what can often be a pretty by-numbers superhero universe.

Taking its inspiration from classic American sitcom stylings and taking us through the decades from the 1950s to present day, WandaVision blends bizarre, otherworldly filmed-in-front-of-a-live-audience oddness with jarring and emotional insights into what’s actually happening. And it works. It works so, so well.

I’ll be writing about my theories regarding the underlying plot and what it means for the MCU going forward soon, but for now I just want to urge you to watch the show. Three episodes of have been released so far, on streaming megaplatform Disney+, and you could do worse than to check it out using a free trial if you can get one. Or else seek it out via *ahem* other means.

It’s a beautifully shot show with a meaty, gripping mystery at its heart. Without question my favourite MCU offering in recent years. Take a look.


For whatever reason I have lost all control of my sleep. I used to be the type to stay awake until silly o’clock in the morning and then lie in when I could. During the first lockdown, with my anxiety worsening greatly, this all changed. I began getting ‘early nights’ – something previously unheard of.

Now, in what they are calling the third lockdown – though a glance out of the window will tell you how seriously it’s being taken, thanks to a complete lack of trust in Government – I tend so sleep in chunks. I’ll drop off around 9 or 10pm, wake around 3am, grab a drink of water, drop off again (if I’m lucky) and wake once more around 5am. Then, feeling as though I hadn’t slept at all, I bumble around until a nap takes me.

This morning – it’s 4:45am – I am there again. Awake and exhausted. Unable to settle due to anxiety, overthinking and a restless sense of frustration knowing this means more or less another written off day. But, a Dr Who audiobook and a dark room should help me drift. Who knows? Maybe I’ll sleep again before I get up, wander about, and give up as usual.

I’ve ordered some CBD oil to see if it helps me sleep and relax like it does for others I know. Time will tell.


Oh boy, it’s been a while…

I haven’t written here since last July?! Jesus. That’s probably a record. I know I’m useless at keeping this site up to date but wow.

Here’s a quick catch up. We are STILL suffering the Covid pandemic because our government and opposition are fucking useless and/or criminally negligent. Things are bad. 1,800+ deaths a day – worse than ever before. And no real end in sight.

I have loads to try to talk about soon, so stay tuned for moaning about politics, television and other stuff. Thanks for bearing with me. Peace.