The ParaPod Live 2 and A Promise


Last November, Ian and Barry from The ParaPod were scheduled to perform a shared set of stand up at Nottingham Comedy Festival. It promptly turned into a live episode of my favourite ever podcast. This year, they’re doing it all again! We’ve just booked tickets to the hottest comedy event this side of Pluckley; The ParaPod Live 2 sold out in less than two hours. I can’t wait to hear what nonsense Barry has for us this time!

Meanwhile, I feel guilty about not having written much recently. So how about this? I’ll post a review of Infinity War after I’ve seen it this coming Sunday, then I’ll put up a bit of wild speculation about Westworld next week. Then I’ll commit to posting something – on whatever topic seems appropriate – every Friday without fail. You’ll get a weekly post from me, at least, with more if the mood takes me. That’s my promise; hold me to it.

And enjoy the rest of your day.

Remember Me? Where was I?


I’m not entirely sure, if I’m honest, what this blog is for. I enjoy writing here, however infrequently it happens these days – something I’m forever pushing to fix. Sometimes I write about politics, sometimes even coherently! Other times I write about some new television show, or something equally as transient. Now and again I talk about myself and my life and where I am with it all. Mostly, I’m sure, you’re here for the bi-monthly posts just like this one, where I promise to write more frequently and more interestingly.

By now you’ve either zoned out or you’re on board for another attempt to get this blog back on the road. I’m promising only this: one post, about something-or-other, per week. That’s my minimum. Juggling the care of a toddler, a day job, family time and other things is something that was always going to eat into my writing; I wouldn’t have it any other way. But I like writing here. I’m always up late so that’s when I’ll write. You have my word (again).

If you want to spur me on in a 21st-Century way, you can try this new thing I’ve just found out about where you buy me a coffee or something? I’ve added a button up there at the top of that column on the right. There’s obviously no obligation, I’m not expecting anyone at all to be so generous. But there it is. I think the Millenials call it “monetising”. I’m trying to kick-start a career in magical entertainment. I’m a fairly proficient close-up magician (card tricks and the like) so it’s about time I tried to do something with it! A “Kofi” from a stranger would go a long way to helping me make that dream come true.

Now, I’m off to watch James Acaster’s Netflix specials. Chances are you’ll have a review of those on here soon. Also, I’m going to break down my magic obsession for you. I promise it’s not going to be as dull as it sounds. So, let’s get cracking!

It’s Been A While – So, An Update!

27750939_549448172100633_5292117771731763641_n (1)

I’m sorry. I’ve been neglecting this blog lately. A lot has been happening, though that shouldn’t be an excuse. I’ve changed jobs (from one standard retail job to another), which has thrown me completely out of sync with my life as it was. I’m not really sure what day it is, yet. Plus, this snow is disorienting because nothing’s running as it should.

But the main thing I’ve done recently is take a step towards performing magic as a side-profession. It’s incredibly early days, but I’ve set myself up a Facebook page and hope to get some bookings before the year is out. Step one, as I’ve mentioned previously, needs to be getting videos of me performing magic and testimonials from the public.

If you’re looking for a magician and mind reader and live relatively close to me then why not give me a shot?! I’m getting pretty damn good! You can check out my fledgeling Facebook page by clicking here. I’d appreciate the support!

More on all this soon, but for now: Take care in the snow. x