Star Wars

Metal Earth Millennium Falcon

I think I’ve found a new hobby…

This model was made from two tiny sheets of metal, from which you pop out the pieces and fix them together by bending and twisting tabs. This one took me maybe 2 hours to complete. I immediately ordered another model, this time a Tie Fighter. I’ll keep you posted on the progress of that one as I plan to take photos as I go. 

These Metal Earth model kits are awesome!


‘The Last Jedi’ Trailer & Poster


As the official Star Wars Celebration continues, today has seen the release of the most exciting thing to come out of it. In fact, nothing will top this. We’ve been given the highly-anticipated trailer to The Last Jedi, alongside an official poster. With promises of “much more to come soon” from director Rian Johnson, fans are freaking out over this intriguing and epic new look at the eighth chapter in the Star Wars saga, in cinemas in December. Check it out!

You can catch up on all you’ve missed from the Star Wars Celebration on YouTube.
Just search “Star Wars Celebration” for live feeds, interviews and more…

Star Wars 8 Has A Title

The long-awaited sequel to Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens finally has an official title. Rian Johnson’s offering to from the Star Wars saga will be called “The Last Jedi” and hits theatres in December. There is plenty of speculation happening online already about just who the title refers to. Is it Luke, or Rey, or maybe “Jedi” is actually plural and refers to both of the above. Maybe it’s neither and we’re in for a big surprise! All we need now is a teaser trailer for the film and we’ll be happy bunnies. What should we make of that red logo, too? That’s ominous, eh?


Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi is scheduled for release at midnight on 15th December 2017. I, however, will not be in line for that first showing. I’ll be missing it due to the 15th being my son’s first birthday. I also had to miss the UK midnight release of Rogue One – released on the same day last year – because he was being born. Still, how cool is it that the release of these movies happen to coincide with his own important dates?! Rogue One was also the first movie he “saw” in the cinema, aged just one month.