The ParaPod

The ParaPod Live 2 and A Promise


Last November, Ian and Barry from The ParaPod were scheduled to perform a shared set of stand up at Nottingham Comedy Festival. It promptly turned into a live episode of my favourite ever podcast. This year, they’re doing it all again! We’ve just booked tickets to the hottest comedy event this side of Pluckley; The ParaPod Live 2 sold out in less than two hours. I can’t wait to hear what nonsense Barry has for us this time!

Meanwhile, I feel guilty about not having written much recently. So how about this? I’ll post a review of Infinity War after I’ve seen it this coming Sunday, then I’ll put up a bit of wild speculation about Westworld next week. Then I’ll commit to posting something – on whatever topic seems appropriate – every Friday without fail. You’ll get a weekly post from me, at least, with more if the mood takes me. That’s my promise; hold me to it.

And enjoy the rest of your day.

The ParaPod Movie – A Treat For Future You

When the hilarious podcast The ParaPod ended, fans were treated to a poster for The ParaPod Movie which, we were told, would take the premise of the podcast and run with it (into the pitch black woods). Over a year later the trailer has landed. Check it out, above. I can’t wait to join Barry and Ian on their journey into the unknown. Spread the word, make sure everyone you know sees this. It is going to be amazing!

Patronise Ian Please

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Podcast superstar and all round good egg Ian Boldsworth launched a Patreon earlier today in order to help fund his production company, Infinite Hermit. The Parapod and its upcoming movie is reason enough to support this project but with the second series of MIND award-winning The Mental Podcast on slow burn and Ian’s new podcast 4,000 Words, a series of short stories written and narrated by the man himself in production you’d be a fool to miss out on the creativity to come.

If you’re interested you can sign up as a patron by visiting Ian’s Patreon page, here. For as little as $1 a month (but don’t be that tight, eh?) you can get early access to some of Ian’s output as well as regular updates on the progression of other Infinite Hermit projects. I urge you to check out Ian’s work and give what you can to guarantee we get more. He really is a nice guy… Nobody deserves support as much as this fella.